Who's the blame

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Who's the blame

Post by TiffanyH2017 on Thu Aug 03, 2017 5:35 pm

Tuesday night I sent my 12&9 yr old boys to the corner store. They managed to sneak my sister's Maltese out of my home without permission. I received a call 5mins after the boys left stating that our dog Blu was hit by a car. Blu didn't make. The awful part about it, is my boys are devastated, I'm devastated,and everyone has been crying non stop since this happened. I haven't eaten, showered, and have been in my bed since this happened. My body is confused with mixed emotions. For one is because, Blu belongs to my sister. I've had him for about 10 months, because my sister had a fire and is back in fourth in a shelter. When I got him he was very disobedient, and wasn't house broken. He'd only listen to me if I had food. He would run when I call him, or if I told him to sit once I turned my back he would run away. He urine and pooped all over the place. And I tried everything I could possibly do to get a grip on him. Now I know my boys were 100 percent wrong for taking Blu without permission, and not leashing him, but I just feel like he caused that on himself. Am I wrong for saying this? I feel like it's wrong. Honestly I feel like I need to put blame on someone to make myself feel better. I'm so hurt behind this. Blu was a handful, but he had so much personality, and so loving I would do all over again. My sister hasn't spoken to me since this happened. I even gave her every last penny I had to have Blu remains sent to her. My boys are haunted behind this. My youngest has been walking around the house saying he wish it was him instead of Blu. I've been checking up on them here n there because I would absolutely die if they were to hurt themselves over this. I even gave my boys an hour long lecture about disobedience. We're truly and genuinely sorry this happened to lil Blu. Thai pain is awful. I've been taking NyQuil every chance I get to sleep the pain away. He didn't deserve this at all. My daughter came back frm camp today and told me a woman wanted to speak with me about the accident. The woman told my daughter that she had the driver who hit Blu licenses plate number. She told my daughter the driver hit Blu, then halted then ran over Blu crushing his skull. Should I make a police report? Or is it basically my boys fault for not leashing Blu. Someone please give me advice. I find it almost impossible to speak on this topic on my other social medias, because people aren't sensitive to things like this. And I would hate to tell all of my 1500 friends to go to hell. Where did I go wrong? What should I do next?


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