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Snuggles Cuddles Sunshine  aka Snugs  or Snuggies (bunny) Empty Snuggles Cuddles Sunshine aka Snugs or Snuggies (bunny)

Post by twinsoulmate Sun Jan 12, 2014 3:02 am

Hi Snuggies,

I don't know where these past 4 1/2 years have gone. Sometimes it feels like yesterday that I helped you to move on in your journey. I miss you so very much, but you know that. I've taken your lessons in love and I love my 2 new buns, Mickey Velvet and Flocon. I've moved on;
however, my love for you stays strong. Nothing will ever break our bond. Never had a soul mate before. I know that when it's my turn that you'll be the first one there to greet me.

I'm so grateful that you're always with me-especially now. Your strength continues to help me through my many rough patches. I hope you don't mind that I lean on you. You've always been my everything. We were so lucky to have found each other. Man, I miss you with all my heart. Feeling so sad right now. All of 2.5 lbs and you changed my life forever. I laugh more, live in the moment as best as I can. You taught me to do that. I'm not sure exactly why my heart feels heavy,but it does. Maybe because I'm boarding the buns for 2 weeks. Don't know. Right now, I'd give anything to have one of our 2-3 hour cuddles. Snugs, you made me feel whole. You made me feel that things would be ok. You still do and I'm grateful for that. I just wish I could have you in the physical sense.

Thanks for making your presence known these past few weeks. I see you running around and you're always in my heart/thoughts. Oh baby. Sad Sigh! I so wish you were here on earth right now. However, as our song goes, "
We're twin soul mates Snuggles, we're twin soul mates Snuggles. we're twin soul mates, we're twin soul mates. we're twin soul mates Snuggles. Forever together Snuggles, together forever Snuggles, together forever, forever together, forever together Snuggles."

Really need you tonight Snugs. Stay close. love Mommy


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Snuggles Cuddles Sunshine  aka Snugs  or Snuggies (bunny) Empty Re: Snuggles Cuddles Sunshine aka Snugs or Snuggies (bunny

Post by twinsoulmate Tue Jan 14, 2014 3:50 am

Hi Snugs Snugs,

It's mommy. I really need your strength and help right now. I've been searching and searching for my hat and camera. You're so good at helping me find things. Could you please focus on it so I can locate it? Also, as much as I'm looking forward to being in the warmth, I need you to help me just be-to feel free in the surf and to go with the flow. The last time, you walked the beach with me. Please help me to be strong and to let things just roll off of my back. We're still very much like just one being. I need to replenish Snuggies Please stay close.

Sometimes I wonder how I moved on-past the guilt and deep grief for you. I felt like I was in a sad empty bubble and no one could come in. I remember sitting on the couch and holding myself-minute by minute. I believe it was your strength that pulled me through, as well as your helping me to love Mickey Velvet. I believe you wanted me to love and to be loved again by another bun. I think I've done pretty well in that area. Strange how I can miss you so much and at the same time love Mickey Velvet and Flocon. I guess one doesn't negate the other.

Thanks Snuggies. I feel your presence right at this moment and my heart suddenly feels more whole and warm. See you on the beach sweetie.

Love Mommy <


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