My Sammy Went to Heaven

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My Sammy Went to Heaven Empty My Sammy Went to Heaven

Post by MissMySammy Fri Oct 26, 2018 6:30 am

Sammy was the only pink nosed tabby out of a litter of 7 kittens. His mom was crying outside of my window on one of the coldest days in December 1999. We took her to the vet, learned of her pregnacy, and my husband's aunt stepped up to adopt the mom. She named her Millie and fostered the 7 kittens for two months until they could be placed for adoption. I met the kitties when they were 4 hours old. I fell in love with the leader of the pack, a pink nose tabby who took command. This guy barely fit in the palm of my hand. We took him home and loved his curious nature; unraveling toilet paper rolls, pushing half-filled cups to see how much liquid spilled to the floor, and so on. From the moment he came to us I never again had a full night's sleep. He would bat me in the head, wail from the hall, or knock things to the floor so his food dish would be filled. I never met a smarter cat than this guy. During the later years, I became ill and stayed home 24/7. He was my constant companion (when my husband was out working). He lost muscle tone but could easily hop onto the bed, until he couldn't. His last three days were the worst and we spent every moment with him thanking him for the joy he brought us and that we wanted him to be free of pain. My heart when went him when he left us. I have to focus on that he's free of pain and comfort myself that were were with him at the end. None will be like him again. My precious boy.


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My Sammy Went to Heaven Empty Re: My Sammy Went to Heaven

Post by eproe71 Fri Oct 26, 2018 11:47 pm

I am sorry for your loss. In the last 5 months I lost my cat (unexpectedly) and then my dog of 16 years (to cancer).
It is amazing how pets affect our lives. It sounds like you had a wonderful 18 years with your kitty.
I hope you find peace. I also hope 2019 proves to be better then this year.


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