Celebrated my Birthday putting my Paisley down.

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Celebrated my Birthday putting my Paisley down. Empty Celebrated my Birthday putting my Paisley down.

Post by Sandy Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:14 pm

This terrible week is settling in. I have been crying all week and feel a big hole in my heart. Monday was my birthday and instead of eating cake and celebrating with my family, I spent the day on the couch loving on my sweet chihuahua Paisley. She was diagnosed with a growth on her liver the week before. The vet said to take her home and keep her comfy. she started throwing up all the water we gave her and she hadn't had a real meal in over a week. She started to separate herself from me and the other dogs by sleeping in another room. She was so sad. Monday she was ready. We put her down at 5pm. The hardest and painful thing I have ever had to do. I am thankful that I had a week to say goodbye and love on her as much as I could. My husband took some special pictures of us. I will never forget my Paisley. The little girl I never had. Paisley January 2002-September 16, 2013. You will be dearly missed.


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