My best bud Clayton was put down today. Hurts so bad.

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My best bud Clayton was put down today. Hurts so bad. Empty My best bud Clayton was put down today. Hurts so bad.

Post by patmatte Tue Oct 15, 2013 10:12 pm

I knew this day would come some day and the older my cat Clayton got, the more I worried. He wasnt eating well the past little while and the last few days his belly started to become swollen. I thought it was going to be something treatable and rushed him to the vet. All the way there promising him he would be okay and I was going to bring him somewhere to make it all better. I got him to the vet where he cried and was so scared but I comforted him and told him we'd be home soon.
The nurse there was so nice and actually helped stop his crying and he started purring so loudly that she had truble getting his heart rate with a stethoscope.
They said they would take x-rays and they would have more info for me and i ran to a friend to borrow money for the vet visit.
Upon my return the receptionist said the vet would like to talk to me and brought me into the examining room where Clayton and the veterinarian were waiting. I could feel what was coming but denied to believe it. The doctor showed me the x rays and I tried with everything i had to keep it together until i hear him say "
I think whats best for him is to put him down"
I imeediatley broke down and openly wept. Me bing a 32 year old man haven't cried that hard since i was a child. it hurt so bad and still hurts so bad to let my best bud go. He had nothing but love to give and all he asked for in return was someone to care for him. I haven't been able to keep it together since. My house feels spo empty without him. his food bowl is still half full of his favourite food. His scratching post still sits in my living room. I just cant take it, it hurts so bad!
I know this day was going to come some day but what I didnt know was how badly it would hurt. I held his paw and pet his head until the very end and after he was gone i still didnt want to leave him. The vet gave me a slip of paper with his paw print on it and the "
rainbow bridge"
poem on it and its the only thing I have left of him along with the many many pictures of all the fun times we had that I cant bear to look at.
He was the most gentle loving cat Ive ever known and the first cat I've ever lost. We had 13 long years together and he's always been there for me and now I feel so empty without him. I had no idea it would be so bad.
I miss him so so much.


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My best bud Clayton was put down today. Hurts so bad. Empty Re: My best bud Clayton was put down today. Hurts so bad.

Post by lili Thu Dec 05, 2013 12:11 pm

I am so sorry for your loss. I lost my little Bayleis 4 days ago and I don't know how I am going to deal with my life after him.
Reading your story makes me cry for your "
bud Clayton"
and for my doggy Bayleis. I think we are privileged for having had such an amazing friends. Also, when I think why is so so painful I give myself the explanation that it is so painful because they gave us the most pure and unconditional love and that is something that we are not going to find in humans at least not in the way that they loved us.

Thank you for sharing your story, I feel that I am not crazy feeling as I am feeling about Bayleis dead.

(I apologize for my English, I hope I wrote correctly all that I wanted to say)



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