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Post by szblewski Mon Dec 30, 2013 5:16 pm

It is with a heavy heart that I am letting you know that on
Christmas Eve we lost our dear Blizzard in a car accident. The following is
what happened After returning home after church on Christmas Eve 2013 I came in
the house to get the dogs to go outside my husband John took them both outside
while they were outside I cleaned up a little mess in the bathroom when I came
out of the bathroom I saw Lily Ann our other dog in the back hall I asked her
where her brother B was she jumped in the window and I heard my husband yell
Blizzard's name then I saw him carrying Blizzard back and I thought good he
caught him but Blizzard's face looked different to me and when I looked closer I
saw my husband crying and went in the bathroom and grabbed my bath towel went
outside put Blizzard in the towel and brought him in the house then I realized
he was hit by a car my husband said that the car did not slow down or even stop
then I realized he was not going to make it I hugged and kissed him as I call
the vet's office, come to find out we had to drive him at least 20 minutes away
to a different vet's office. While I was on the phone with the vet's office my
husband called our son he came quickly and drove us up to the vet's office, just
before we left the house while walking out of the house I felt my dear Blizzard
take his last two breathes of air. When we arrived at the vet's office they
quickly got us into a room where we could all spend some time with Blizzard to
say good bye even Lily Ann came with us. My Blizzard is 5 years old and he is a
maltese/shih tzu mix and my Lily Ann is 6 years old and she is a bichon/rat
terrier mix we adopted both of them from shelters and they received them both
from puppy mills. B you are missed so much by everyone you touched, run free
now and be a good boy and some day we will be together again.


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