I lost my best friend

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I lost my best friend Empty I lost my best friend

Post by Bustersmom Wed Nov 28, 2018 4:49 pm

On Monday I rushed my Buster (black pug) to the vet as he was not breathing right after a visit in the morning. By the time i got him back for a second time he could barely get air. They worked on his with oxygen but was not getting better. I was told he would not come out of it. I had to make the decision to send him to the rainbow bridge. The look on his face as he struggled is stuck in my brain and I cannot stop sobbing. He was my best friend and with me all of the time. I know the sadness will ease, but right now it feel like my heart is broken in half

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I lost my best friend Empty Re: I lost my best friend

Post by Marshmallow's mum Sat Dec 01, 2018 3:00 am

Bustersmom your story is so familiar. I lost my beautiful cat Marshmallow just 10 days ago and I cannot get the look on her face as she struggled to breathe out of my head either. The pain has eased a little since the first few days but I keep getting waves of grief. I know it is all normal but so hard to bare. Cry if you need to and be kind to yourself. Buster was much loved and had a good life with you. The pain will ease in time and there are plenty of us who know how you are feeling right now

Marshmallow's mum

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